Collaboration Makes Us Unique

A non-profit organization – the St. Louis Legacy Ice Foundation – is being formed to shepherd the ice center project. Leadership and guidance from government, development, youth sports, and fundraising provide a critical foundation.

An elite external team has designed and can develop the facility on time and on budget. A study of comparable ice facilities at the local and national level have shaped a sustainable plan for managing the facility and its internal programming.

This new ice center will be made possible through a variety of collaborative efforts, including work with organizations, individual and corporate donors and sponsors with a vision for enhancing ice sports in our region. We are fortunate, as well, to have the active involvement of the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership.

An array of diverse funding streams will ensure both our construction and a sustainable operation. These include:

  • Earned Revenue
  • In-Kind Support: we'd love to have you as a donor or sponsor! Learn More Here!
  • Ongoing Donor Support

The St. Louis Legacy Ice Foundation – a US 501c3 non-profit organization – will shepherd the project.

Are You Interested in Working Together?