The Ice Center Comes at a Critical Time:

  • New facilities are needed to accommodate the critical demand and opportunity for area youth hockey and other ice sports.
  • Our region also recently experienced the closing of a number of area rinks due to age or other factors.
  • Our region lacks the ability to effectively secure major ice sports events, a lucrative tourism opportunity.
  • The Blues need for a quality, stable practice facility

Further, well beyond its construction, the Centene Community Ice Center will drive positive economic impact and job creation.

The Ice Center will feature:

  • Three sheets of indoor ice providing an optimum training and playing experience for players of all ages and abilities
  • An outdoor ice pavilion suitable for training (throughout the year), games, special events, and public skating sessions
  • Spectator seating and amenities to accommodate major ice sports tournaments and showcases
  • An innovative skills training facility where players of all ages can work on their shooting, stickhandling, skating or goaltending skills on synthetic ice.

Our Goals

While the immediate focus of the St. Louis Legacy Ice Foundation is to ensure the construction and successful operation of a new community ice center, in the long-term, we are committed to reaching beyond this flagship facility to build a stronger platform for ice sports across the region.

We're starting off in a big way. The Centene Community Ice Center is just the beginning of a regional movement to engage more youth in skating and ice sports at an earlier age. The center's development is a tangible signal that kids will have the support and resources necessary to continue in these sports, heralded for fostering discipline, leadership and team skills. Through this state-of-the-art facility, our community will cultivate healthier youth, stronger athletes, active citizens, and sports fans.