Quick Facts About the Centene Community Ice Center


The new Centene Community Ice Center will serve thousands of St. Louis youth and adults. Located in Maryland Heights, a suburb of St. Louis County, Missouri, the facility creates exciting new travel and tourism jobs and economic development by attracting major traveling tournaments and other ice events to our community.

The Facility

  • The volunteer-led St. Louis Legacy Ice Foundation worked with state and local governments, local ice sports organizations, and skating enthusiasts to create the new Centene Community Ice Center.
  • The Ice Center is comprise four ice rinks for all ice sports, a strength and conditioning center, and skills development areas unlike any others in the St. Louis area. It include spaces for public skating, training, special events for athletes of all abilities.
  • In addition to the hockey development facilities, an event center with 2500 seats supports local university and other ice sports programs (youth, amateur, adult recreational). A covered outdoor rink offers an inviting atmosphere for the general public, where they can enjoy skating as they did growing up.
  • The design of the covered outdoor rink lends itself to a variety of purposes in warmer months, including concerts, festivals, markets and other events with capacity for well over 4,000 people.
  • Mercy Healthcare will operate an onsite location for sports medicine, therapy, training and additional ancillary medical services.

Economic Benefits

  • The Ice Center is be a premier sports/tournament location for the Midwest and facilitate the region’s rapid youth hockey expansion. As the only four-sheet facility within 500+ miles, the Ice Center is a destination for hockey tournaments and other ice sports, drawing players and families through the Midwest and the nation.
  • The biggest winner overall is the regional economy, which now enjoys a significant and lasting boost through expenditures on hotel nights, restaurant meals, and local leisure and entertainment offerings.
  • The Centene Community Ice Center is an important community collaboration to the future of youth hockey and other ice sports and to increasing recreational opportunities for St. Louis residents.
  • Over one million visitors attending events at the Ice Center will drive over 16,000 hotel nights, resulting in an estimated with $20M+ annual economic impact.

Hockey Growth in St. Louis

  • The St. Louis area has tremendous enthusiasm for professional, youth and recreational adult hockey participation; however there is a shortage of ice rink space to accommodate the booming interest at convenient locations and reasonable time slots.

St. Louis Legacy Ice Foundation and Community Collaboration

  • The non-profit St. Louis Legacy Ice Foundation built and operates the facility on a fixed lease. The St. Louis Legacy Ice Foundation brings together local men and women whose board appointment and mission is to serve their community, the sport of ice hockey, other ice sports, and many more fitness and wellness that will be at home in the new facility.
  • The Ice Center is the result of committed community collaboration with an eye to the future.

Project Overview

To learn how you can support the Legacy Ice Foundation's efforts to ensure St. Louis kids and families access ice sports in this premiere facility - and do so while earning Missouri Tax Credits - please click here for more information.